David Parisi, Mark Paterson, and Jason Archer, editors

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction: Haptic Media Studies
David Parisi, Mark Paterson & Jason Archer


Making Analog: The Prospects and Perils of a Touch-Oriented Media Studies
David Parisi & Jason Archer

On haptic media and the possibilities of a more inclusive interactivity
Mark Paterson


Disability and Haptic Mobile Media
Gerard Goggin

How do I hold this thing? Controlling reconstructed Q*berts
James Hodges

Feeling Data: Touch and Data Sense
Deborah Lupton

Haptic media and the cultural techniques of touch: The sphygmograph, photophlethysomography, and the Apple Watch
Chris O’Neill

Force, flatness and touch without feeling: Thinking historically about haptics and buttons
Rachel Plotnick

Mobile media, domestic play and haptic ethnography
Ingrid Richardson & Larissa Hjorth

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