One of the core motivations for us in beginning the Haptic Media Studies project was our recognition of the growing interest touch is attracting, both in the popular press and in academia–what we referred to in the Editors’ IntroductionEditors’ Introduction as our “haptic moment.” The In-Touch project run by Carey Jewitt at University College London’s Knowledge Lab represents some of the most forward-thinking and comprehensive research on touch thus far. I had the chance to discuss the HMS project, how it fits with the broader history of touch, and some possible future developments in the area of touch and tech with In-Touch’s Senior Research Associate Kerstin Leder Mackley.

Kerstin’s questions pushed on some of the ambiguities around HMS as Mark, Jason and I formulated it in the New Media & Society issue, and hopefully the answers in the Q&A will help resolve those a bit. We’ll be discussing the links between In-Touch and HMS more over the coming months. For now, click through to read the Q&A.

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